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Let's Make The Gym Fun Again!

Fitness is such an important part of life, so shouldn't you enjoy working out?

Our events and parties are a great way to make exercise fun! With awesome events like our Black Light Trap Music Kickboxing Class, you'll have a blast sweating it out with our team at Livonia Kickboxing. We're offering our members the opportunity to make fitness fun again with exciting, high-energy workouts in a high-energy social atmosphere.

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Fun Meets Fitness With Our Awesome Events!

With our events and parties, you'll get all the dynamic energy and quality exercise of a standard Kickboxing Class, but you'll get all the fun of a night out on the town! Kickboxing is already the most exciting workout around, but our team at Livonia Kickboxing is always dreaming up new ways to help our members combine fun and fitness. Join us and take on the best training around in a supportive, energetic setting... who else in Livonia offers Black Light Trap Music Kickboxing? We think you know the answer.

Check out our events and parties and enjoy:
  • The most exciting workout you've ever had
  • Support from our awesome Livonia community
  • A rotation of unique kickboxing and fitness events
  • Fitness training and self-defense skills WHILE you party!

Leave the days of dreading the gym behind you. Our team at Livonia Kickboxing is here to makes sure you have a blast while you get real results! Our events and parties are the hottest new thing in Livonia, and we're excited you to join us for your first session!

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From our Black Light Trap Music Kickboxing Classes to whatever we dream up next, there's no doubt you'll love your workout at Livonia Kickboxing! Our events and parties are constantly changing, so be sure to keep up with us on social media and see what exciting new development we're bringing to Livonia next!

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